Antique Oak Work Bench Handmade Coffee Table

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Solid oak antique work bench that has been sanded and sealed to create a brand new statement coffee table. The original paint and nails were sanded down to create a silky top while maintaining every ounce of character. It is sealed with a satin finish, allowing the natural wood grain and character to be the star of the show. The original paint fills the indentations; we believed leaving the paint and character accentuated its history. Large bolts anchor down a completely handmade-from-scratch solid iron base and strapping. This piece was made entirely by hand by Matt DeVito, owner of Amidst the Alders and master craftsman. This piece is a very heavy and extremely solid build. 59.5" long, 24" deep, 18.5" tall.

Visit our Instagram - @AmidstTheAlders - and click on "Woodshop Diary" to view behind-the-scenes videos of our furniture in progress, including this piece.