Small Business Consultation

Hi, I'm Kayla! My passion is helping other small businesses find their footing, especially in these trying times. I am a jewelry designer, photographer, oil painter, interior designer and branding specialist. I also dabble in furniture design, graphic design and marketing. For fun, I love studying the psychology behind consumerism and client decisions. I also thoroughly enjoy iced coffee (no matter the weather!), my four rescue dogs, fossil hunting in my coastal town and long drives to the beach in my 1965 Mercury Comet.

I founded my first company when I was 23 years old. It was a wholesale handmade jewelry company that was eventually sold in over 100 boutiques nationwide and in Australia. After much hustle and determination, I was able to quit my full-time job to pursue my business. I haven't worked for anyone else since. That was 8 years ago.

After growing my jewelry company, we (my now-husband and I) decided to open a mobile shop (because retail stores are SO expensive to open!) We spent a year turning a junky old bus into a beautiful little jewelry shop. This was years ago, and mobile stores weren't really a thing back then, so we had a lot of hoops to jump through. Eventually, our little bus was featured in several national magazines and became "Pinterest famous."

That brings us to today! We now have a special retail shop that people drive from all over the country to come visit, in addition to our cute little bus. It didn't come without major challenges though, as we invested ALL of our savings to open our store. We opened March 12th, 2020 and closed down just 5 days later. We were closed for 2 months, and honestly, it was the most stressful 2 months of my life. We were able to make it through by serious strategy, intense hustling, and leveraging social media to the utmost degree.

All of this happened to the girl with no formal art training, who dropped out of college, and grew up dirt-floor-poor.

Success isn't about money. It's not about Instagram followers.

It's about waking up happy to do what you love, and having others happy that you're doing it too.

Success is joy. Authentic living. Following your dreams in the face of adversity and making the pledge every single day to do what you know you're called to do.

I firmly believe that when you operate out of gratitude, not fear, you will find 'success' shows up when you least expect it to- when you most need it to.




Our small business consultations are available to anyone within the US, as they're done virtually. They differ from our small business branding and design packages, as those focus on aesthetic alone.

I'm very particular about the clients I take on, because I will only help someone that I genuinely feel will benefit from my mistakes and successes. If I feel I cannot assist you in a maximum way, I will politely decline. I don't want to waste your time or money; small business is hard enough as it is!

My small business consultation package is $400. I will include a super detailed report by analyzing every detail of your online presence. I will provide mentorship on areas that I found the most success, as well as branding/design resources, programs I use, where to spend money versus saving it and learning to do it yourself, etc. 

To begin, please email with the subject line "Small Business Consultation." Please include your website and links to all social media. From there, I'll analyze if we'll be a good fit. If so, I'll send over a detailed questionnaire to get to know you and your business better, and to understand your goals and values.

After that, I'll spend two weeks checking back in with you and your progress based on my recommendations, and during this time, I'll be an open book for any questions you have- anything business related at all. I'm a very open book and have a passion for helping other small businesses succeed, so I don't mind sharing actual numbers, struggles, successes and everything in between.

Email me to get started and take your business to the next level, from someone who has experienced it all!

-Kayla | Amidst the Alders