Repurposing + Recycling

All of our items fall into at least one of the following categories:


•Handmade- by us or another small US business





•Mended, repaired, recycled



Antique, vintage, handmade, secondhand, and/or preserved by Matt.


Mended, dyed, and/or reworked vintage/secondhand or one-off samples.


Handmade in small batches with natural ingredients right here in the USA. Created by other women-owned businesses.


circa1910 is our house-made jewelry line and was our founder, Kayla's, first business. She sold it wholesale to over 100 store nationwide (and in Australia!) beginning in 2014. It's still our best seller even today! Kayla uses sterling silver, 14kt gold fill and genuine gemstones.

Our other line, Rosehunter Jewelry, is locally-made by self-taught silversmith, Annie Smiley. She usually makes collections just for us! Our customers adore her work. Annie uses sterling silver, genuine gold, and genuine gemstones.

If any jewelry isn't created by the makers above, it's vintage. Most of our vintage is sterling and gold, minus the insane jewelry-store markups :)

Leather Goods

Most are salvaged items or reworked vintage. Matt's mom, Dawn, uses leather we salvage from sofas and coats to make new bags, backpacks, wristlets, wallets, and more.

Our belts are all vintage.

All leather items get special treatment to preserve, condition and soften the leather before it hits the sales floor.


Genuine dried + preserved.

Craft Chocolates

Handmade in the USA by small companies.


Created using antique and/or vintage parts by Matt.


Crafted from 80% discarded materials and/or vintage and found items.