Kayla DeVito - Founder

She's the visionary of AtA, as well as the designer, writer, photographer, graphic designer, marketer and jewelry maker. She keeps her plate full and loves every second of it. 

Matt DeVito - Founder

He's the backbone of AtA with his innate ability to bring Kayla's visions to life. His specialties are creating custom furniture, building displays, and lengthy conversations about anything and everything.

Carrie Lohmann - Manager

She keeps AtA operating smoothly, and is chock full of great ideas and lovely conversation. She's also pun-believably funny and keeps us all laughing. Her rescue pup, Trooper, can sometimes be found alongside her while she works at the shop.

Pam Strauss - Team Member

You can guarantee she'll call you "sweet pea" at least three times during your visit. Pam is our skin care connoisseur and all-around bubbly personality. She can make any day brighter as soon as you walk in and hear, "Hi, WELCOME! Have y'all been in before??" You always feel like family when Pam's around.

Edie Pearson - Team Member

She's the queen of adorable outfits and always ready and willing to lend a hand. Not sure what you're looking for? Edie knows! We're extra grateful for all of the wonderful ideas and encouragement she brings to AtA, as well as her sweet persona and beautiful smile.