About the Handmade Clothing

"The most important thing I can do is to make another human feel beautiful and understood. My talent is making clothing, and that has become my love language to the world.
Clothes are powerful: they provide shelter from the elements, an avenue for self expression, can influence how we feel about ourselves and how we are treated. My clothing is designed to float into all the roles we play as women. When clothing is thoughtful, it becomes more than fabric, it is a collection of memories. Time with friends, chasing babies, impromptu trips to the beach and the work presentation you nailed. When you love your clothing and they are made to last, your closet can become evocative.
This is my why. Crochet Rebellion makes clothing designed to make women feel beautiful and clothing ready for everyday adventures. This is why our designs are made to be comfortable and to adjust as our bodies change shape and size. This is why I source the best eco-friendly fabrics and hand make each piece with attention to detail. 
Beautiful clothing, for beautiful women, and a beautiful planet."
-Marissa Kessler, owner of Crochet Rebellion and maker of Amidst the Alders' gorgeous line of hand-crafted clothing