SOLD OUT WATERFEST EXCLUSIVE Intro to Oil Painting - 7/20

Introduction to oil painting with local artist, Kayla DeVito


$135.00 per person



About this experience


We're no longer located downtown but we still want to do something fun for Water Festival! We're offering two Waterfest Exclusive classes during the week of 7/14-7/23.

These classes will include complimentary wine and light snacks, music, a more relaxed atmosphere, socializing and networking. We have extended this class slightly to accommodate for the fun we'll have. It is 12pm-4pm and will fly by (we promise!)

If you've never been to Waterfest and wonder what it's about- imagine the most fun, extended festival in the south. It draws thousands upon thousands of people to Beaufort, but because it's spread over 10 full days, it's the best event of the summer. We're located only 4 miles from the epicenter of the fun, and invite you to join our town for live music, local vendors and PAINTING! We'll be painting a gorgeous local marsh scene by local photographer, Shawn Hill, so you have something you can take home to remember this memorable trip; surely to be the most fun you've had in a while. Book with a friend and make it even more memorable (did we mention complimentary wine!?)

***Please note: Due to the popularity of these classes and the very limited seats, we cannot allow transfers from other dates. If we did, they would fill up with transfers and we would have many other dates with random seats available, which is difficult for us to fill/keep up. If you'd like to participate and/or take a class sooner than your other date, you'll need to book this one separately, but please keep in mind, we can't cancel your other seat.


In this class, we'll go over the very basics and beginnings of oil painting, from concept and perception, to basic color theory, use of mediums and solvents, techniques, safety precautions, introductions into the paints themselves/their capabilities, and much more.

Beginning to oil paint can be scary! There's so much to learn and it's all so overwhelming. After this class, you'll be able to walk away with confident knowledge of a centuries-old  tradition that can pave the way for endless creative possibilities.

We will be painting a 9x12 canvas using the reference image shown on this page.

This class is for beginners, or for those who need a refresh.


This class is taught by local artist and Amidst the Alders shop owner, Kayla DeVito. Kayla's husband, Matt, will also be lending a hand to aid in assistance or answer questions.

This is a small class with limited seats. 

If you are interested in taking any of Kayla's other painting classes down the road, but don't have experience in oil painting, you must take this one first.

All necessary materials will be provided, as well as refreshments. Feel free to bring some snacks for yourself if you'd like.

At the end of every class, each student will receive a detailed supply list with an exclusive incredible discount from one of Kayla's favorite small (local!) businesses, Coastal Art Supply.

PLEASE avoid wearing ANY perfume/body spray in class. Your instructor is highly allergic and will have a reaction. Thank you :)



Due to the high-demand for these classes, we do not allow cancellations. We do, however, allow ONE date change per person with no repercussion, so long as we have a space on a new date available for you. You will receive two email reminders leading up to the event: one the week of, and one the day before.


We will not and do not issue any amount of refund for no-shows, nor can we accommodate you in another class (because they're nearly always at capacity.) You will receive two email reminders leading up to the event: one the week of, and one the day before. Should you encounter an emergency and are unable to attend, please email as soon as you're able to. Otherwise, you can book a private 1:1 class and we'll put your missed class amount toward the total, or you can pay for another class entirely. We are unable to accommodate no-shows because the class-specific supplies have already been purchased and set up (and therefore wasted) when you don't show up for class.

Your Host

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Kayla DeVito has lived in South Carolina her whole life, and has called the Lowcountry home for 10 years. She has been a self-employed artist, in one sense or another, for 11 years now. Her work, ranging from photography to writing to design, has been featured in several notable national publications. Kayla is a self-taught oil painter, heavily inspired by her beautiful coastal surroundings. Her traditional techniques are coupled with nontraditional ones, paving the way for her unusually haunting style of "moody coastal" impressionist art. She sometimes draws heavily on darkness and light with high contrast, to depict life's delicate balance of relentlessness and mercy.