"Land of No Tomorrow" Oil Painting

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Morning sun ignites fog and lifts it from a hidden river, just behind the first treeline. The trees are softly awakened with the glow. The spartina grass is damp with dew, and the scent perfumes the air with a settling peacefulness.

I painted this in memory of my disabled senior pup, whom we had to say goodbye to recently. I painted this to represent Heaven, where I know she is prancing through this grass, wheel-chair free.

I hope you feel peace when you look at it, and think fondly of memories of a loved one who is no longer earthside. I hope you can feel the peace I felt while I painted this ethereal, serene scene.

It took quite a few layers over the course of two weeks to complete this painting. All together, it was around 11 layers to build up the colors, shadows and highlights. The trees have texture and magical, tiny details of whimsical branches. The grass is composed of the most layers and features thousands of blades, that still somehow don't compete with the sky.

Composition-wise, this piece is one I'm most proud of. I love the bright spots in the grass balanced with the contrast of the shadows and how everything seems to be moving from the left and sweeping to the right. It feels like an antique painting to me.

This scene is based on a photo I took on a causeway coming home from Charleston, SC. I used my imagination to make up details like the warm fog and the glow it produced by playing with the sunlight. Named from a poem by Jimmy Osborne (pictured.) 

Large statement painting at 30" x 40". Oil on deep canvas with painted sides (not yet shown in photos.) Varnished for protection. Can be hung as-is or framed. (Please reach out if you'd like us to frame it for an additional fee. We have a full woodshop and often use beautiful hardwood leftovers to create frames for my works.)

This painting will ship in about 3 weeks from date of purchase. Price shown includes shipping to anywhere within the continental US.