Intermediate Oil Painting: Finding Your Voice - 5/7

Finding your "voice" in oil painting, with local artist, Kayla DeVito


$175.00 per person



About this experience

In this class, we'll go over the many different techniques of oil painting that lend way to finding your "voice." I will guide you on how to identify and solidify your process so that you can create art that is distinctly unique to you.

Creating art can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning. It's all about experimenting, trying a thousand different things in a thousand different ways, and every teacher out there has a different opinion or way of doing it. Sometimes instead, you just need a helping hand to quiet the noise and guide you into creating the art you've always dreamed of, without wasting countless hours, energy and money in the process.

After this class, you'll be able to walk away with confidence in knowing exactly which path to take to get to your end result. You'll have a better understanding of who you want to be, and what you want to be known for, as an artist. This is, in my humble opinion, absolutely critical for anyone wanting to pursue an art career.

We will be painting an 11x14 canvas using the reference image shown on this page.

This class is for those who have taken my Intro to Oil Painting class, or those who have recent knowledge of oil painting basics.


This class is taught by local artist and Amidst the Alders shop owner, Kayla DeVito. Kayla's husband, Matt, will also be lending a hand to aid in assistance or answer questions.

The small class is limited to only 8 students.

All necessary materials will be provided, as well as refreshments. Feel free to bring some snacks for yourself if you'd like.

At the end of every class, each student will receive a detailed supply list with an exclusive incredible discount from one of Kayla's favorite small (local!) businesses, Coastal Art Supply.

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Kayla DeVito has lived in South Carolina her whole life, and has called the Lowcountry home for 10 years. She has been a self-employed artist, in one sense or another, for 11 years now. Her work, ranging from photography to writing to design, has been featured in several notable national publications. Kayla is a self-taught oil painter, heavily inspired by her beautiful coastal surroundings. Her traditional techniques are coupled with nontraditional ones, paving the way for her unusually haunting style of "moody coastal" impressionist art. She sometimes draws heavily on darkness and light with high contrast, to depict life's delicate balance of relentlessness and mercy.