Eucalyptus Shower Steam
Eucalyptus Shower Steam

Eucalyptus Shower Steam

Old Grace Gathering Co.
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The cleansing vapors of eucalyptus are well known for deep support of respiratory health. It is combined it with concentrated cooling peppermint for an awakening and refreshing shower. Each contains 10-14 pieces. Hand-crafted: size of cubes will vary.

Place a single cube in the shower corner (where it won't get washed away). Splash with water to activate. Your hot shower water releases potent essential oils into the steam.

(Due to the natural ingredients, settlement powder at the bottom of the jar is normal. Simply sprinkle the remaining powder into your shower when you've used the last of your cubes.)

Handmade by a mother daughter duo in the USA. Glass jars are reusable and recyclable.