Gemstone Double Strand Mid-Length Necklace

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Vintage sterling chain, genuine sparkling gemstones.

Crafted by a single set of hands for perfect quality and stunning design. Each is one-of-a-kind, like our sweet customers.

Our retail customers love these because they’re great for layering or wearing alone, as well as neutral enough to wear with a plethora of wardrobe options. We also include details of the stones used in each piece, so your customers can hang onto the tag for reference.

As each is one-of-a-kind; choose your color palette and we’ll take it from there. We use only colors that compliment one another. Each sterling chain will vary, and the length will very slightly, however, each is a mid-length.

Pictured: Pinks/Grays

Gemstones we use vary, but our frequent favorites are: pyrite, aquamarine, druzy, quartz, African opal, hematite labradorite and pietersite.

Available with or without a genuine antique silver coin pendant.

As a retail store ourselves, we know what moves best in our store, so we decided to help out other retailers with our best sellers and beautiful displays.