By Rosie Jane Perfume

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These oil roll-ons are made in California without harmful chemicals. One of our best-selling items in the whole shop! These scents are our most sought-after for the allergen-friendly ingredients and the way they beautifully react to each person's chemistry. Each is intoxicating and sensual.

Clean fragrances. Paraben, phthalate + cruelty free; no nasty hormone-interrupters.


JAMES - Inspired by fall with rich notes of fig, amber, and gardenia. James is cool nights, light layers + oversized knits.

DYLAN - Kayla's pick. Inspired by individuality + sexual freedom. With notes of cedar, frankincense and white musk. Feels like: being in love. Brave + carefree. Unisex.

ROSIE - Our most popular scent. Inspired by naked skin with notes of nude musk and a hint of sweet rose. Feels like: Sleeping in your birthday suit. Sheer and nude.

LEILA LOUInspired by spring days with notes of pear, jasmine and fresh cut grass. Leila Lou is long lunches, lazy mornings in bed, the perfect white tee.


How to: These are pure fragrance oil. They are the most concentrated way to experience fragrances. Roll onto pulse points - inner wrists, behind ears, behind knees and décolletage (cleavage area). Do not 'mash' or 'rub' fragrance into skin; gently pat to avoid destroying the scent profile. When put on pulse points, the warmth of your skin will reactivate the scent throughout the day as you move.