Authentic Roman Coin Necklaces

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Minimal meets history! This 17-18" necklace is adorned with a genuine ancient Roman coin, circa 46AD to 450AD. Your choice of 14kt gold filled or sterling silver chain. Each copper coin will vary in patina, shape, size and depiction. Crafted by a single set of hands for perfect quality and stunning design. Each is one-of-a-kind, like our sweet customers.

Our retail customers love these because they’re great for layering or wearing alone, and they feel like you’re wearing a piece of treasure! Plus you really can’t beat the price point. We also include details of the coin and chain, so your customers can hang onto the tag for reference. Perfect for gifting!

(Each coin has been inspected twice and preserved with a metal preserving paste to ensure quality. Even so, we recommend putting on all hair sprays/products and perfumes before putting on your new antiquity, and storing it in a safe place. Copper, especially old copper, will darken with wear.)

As a retail store ourselves, we know what moves best in our store, so we decided to help out other retailers with our best sellers and beautiful displays.