Antique Beam Extra Large Clothing Rack

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Completely handcrafted from large antique beams salvaged from a historic home, and an antique, solid brass foot rest from an old bar - both from Savannah, GA.

This beauty is massive and a true statement, whether going into a retail space or a large walk-in closet. It will require being mounted to a wall (assembly instructions and hardware will be included.)

We created it for our shop but no longer have the wall space it requires. (It absolutely needs to be mounted to a wall for security.) We have had it fully loaded with long, heavy dresses, and it doesn't budge. Approximately 9-10ft long, 6-7ft tall and 12" deep. Each beam is heavy, solid pine and 3" thick. It is as sturdy and solid as it gets.

The price includes freight shipping to anywhere in the continental US.

(We won't sell to another retail shop within 3 hours of Beaufort, SC to protect our branding. This piece is very specific to us, and there is not another like it anywhere. Thanks for understanding.)

After your purchase, we will be in touch regarding shipment scheduling and delivery.