The Brand

Amidst the Alders is a presence drenched in possibility and philanthropy. The heart of ATA is made up of beautiful goods and wares, specifically sourced + curated for a well-loved home. We aim to sell gorgeous treasures, all the while donating portions of our proceeds to various non-profits.
We especially choose to donate to charities that lie close to our hearts: breast cancer, children's arts programs, nursing homes, and animal shelters and rescue centers to name a few.


The Collection

The ATA team travels the country in search of the ornate, the unusual, the eye-catching and the creativity-evoking. Every item is selected for its uniqueness.

Our vintage home wares are closely and carefully reviewed to determine condition and longevity. Our clothing ranges from vintage, to previously-loved, to something used once in a photoshoot, to brand new with or without tags. Each item will have a description stating such.


The Jewelry

The jewelry we carry is our own house brand. circa1910 is carried in retailers across the United States and in Australia. Each piece is crafted with great care and attention to detail. Genuine gemstones, authentic vintage or antique items and the highest quality leathers make up the stunning pieces of circa1910.


The Journal

The Concrete Theory is a digital collection of writings and essays that feature the voices of women just like you. We use this platform to encourage, inform, educate, cheer on and inspire. We hope our articles can spread light and positivity, share kindness and evoke emotions of only the best kind. The Concrete Theory stands to represent those who have fought their way through thick, seemingly impermeable trials to grow stronger and become resilient blooms on the other side. Read and take the words to heart and if you dare, submit your own story for consideration. You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish. Please email us for more information.