Open Studio Terms and Conditions

By joining our Open Studio Membership, you agree to and acknowledge the following:


(Monthly subscription purchaser is hereby referred to as 'Member.')

  • Member will adhere to all rules of the Studio
  • Member will not transfer ownership of membership to anyone else. The name signed up for the membership is the only person allowed access to the Studio according to membership rules.
  • Member will keep Studio clean and tidy, including cleaning his or her space and cleaning up all supplies before leaving Studio.
  • Member acknowledges that oil painting comes with risks of fire, health and safety aspects that must be taken seriously. Member will not improperly dispose of any wet materials, nor dump chemicals down any drains.
  • Member agrees that he or she is purchasing access to the Studio, but that the Studio will always be closed completely to Members on days where Amidst the Alders has painting classes scheduled.
  • Member agrees that the membership is for Studio access and use only, not tutorials or lessons from Kayla DeVito.
  • Member acknowledges that the Studio is a shared common space and all supplies, including easels, are shared. Amidst the Alders agrees to keep the Studio as well-stocked as possible, but sometimes item(s) may be in use by another Member.
  • Member agrees not to leave a painting on the drying rack for more than a few weeks' time.
  • Member agrees that all supplies provided by Amidst the Alders are property of Amidst the Alders, and therefore, cannot be removed from the property.
  • Member agrees that their membership can be cancelled by Amidst the Alders at any time, for any reason.
  • Member agrees that no refunds or pro-rates shall be given.
  • Member agrees to minimize paint and supply waste as much as possible to avoid the membership fee being raised in the future.
  • Member agrees not to walk into the retail shop with wet gloves, aprons or clothing to avoid transfer.
  • Member will not touch other's artworks or supplies labeled with an individual name.
  • Member will only have access to supplies located within the Art Studio, not in Kayla's private studio, the Print Shop or the leather-working studio. The Art Studio is defined by the left side of the building, past the antique wardrobe doorway.