Care + Condition

Our vintage items are especially picked and curated for a collection brought to you wrapped in charm, charisma and appeal. Each one is critically reviewed for flaws, character and condition.
Due to the vintage and/or previously-loved nature of our collections, each item will vary in condition. Any flaws, or character builders as we call them, are listed in the item's description. Please read through each description and treat all vintage items with care to prolong the use.
We purposely choose only items that have many, many years of enjoyment left in them.

Found Items + Clothing
For most items, we believe the charm is in the patina. Therefore, we usually will not polish or shine silver or brass. We do, however, dry brush each item to rid it of dust, dirt and debris. Sometimes, small particles may get left behind. This is simply a reminder of the item's origin and adds to its unique story.

Most clothing items will have a care tag inside of them. If they do not, it is best to handwash your item in cool water with mild soap, rinse well, then let air dry. Delicate items can also be dry cleaned for a lower risk of damage.

Our leather items are usually treated with neetsfoot oil, depending on the condition of the item. This oil deeply penetrates the porous nature of the leather and lends elasticity, deepens the color, and extends the life. To care for vintage leather, wipe your leather down with a dry lint-free cloth. Put a small drop of pure neetsfoot oil on the same cloth and gently rub it in using circular motions. The oil will seep in and dry within a few hours. You will be left with supple, gorgeous leather that will last for years to come.