Alternate Root

"Alternate Root" is the name of our new series (a play on the poem our shop is named after) and we're stoked to be able to spend time with you guys on a weekly basis.

We decided to do it live because we can directly interact with your comments and questions.

Join Kayla and Carrie every Monday night (6:30pm EST) for a live stream of:

-Inspirational talks
-Interviews with makers and artists
-Stories of the week
-Mending and leather care nights
-Ridiculous segments and nonsense
-Interviews with women who have careers on "alternate roots"
-Probably dogs
-Definitely dogs
-Too many tree puns
-Dance parties
-And of course, every episode will end with a showing of new inventory before it makes it onto the sales floor. Don't want to see new items? Exit out of the video when the talking portion ends.

If you're looking for a light-hearted bright spot in your week with two goons who find each other hilarious, set an alarm to join us every Monday night. Each week we'll cover a different topic of conversation.

To watch new and previous episodes, visit our Facebook (Amidst The Alders) or Instagram accounts (@AmidstTheAlders). Set an alarm to join us every Monday.
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