About circa1910 Jewelry

circa1910 began as a wholesale jewelry company, founded by Amidst the Alder's co-owner, Kayla, when she was a mere 23 years old. Her mom was newly diagnosed with breast cancer and she watched as her mom underwent multiple surgeries. With each one, she saw her mom's confidence plummet. She decided she wanted to start a business that could help women realize their beauty, from the inside out and no matter their size or what they were going through.
Kayla founded circa1910 and began selling to local boutiques. Soon after, she was attending wholesale trade shows and her work was eventually sold in over 100 retailers nationwide (and even in Australia.)
These days, Kayla still makes every single piece of circa1910 jewelry that comes through Amidst the Alders. They're still made with as much attention to detail and love as they've come to be known for all these years later.
Kayla's jewelry studio is attached to our retail store, so if you pop in, be sure to poke your head in and say hello!