Signature Spray

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This is our very best seller (and rightly so!) It has a cult-like following and sells out so quickly that it's difficult for us to keep enough in stock.

Like a cleansing light rain in a mossy forest, our Signature Spray is earthy, neutral and fresh. It doesn't evoke headaches in most people, unlike many popular fragrances. It is unisex (and super sexy.)

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"My mom wore this to church once and declared afterward that she probably wouldn't do that again. Too many men hugged her and held on a little too long."

"I want to bathe in this stuff!"

”I was wearing the signature spray while getting a tattoo on my forearm and about halfway through my tattoo artist said, ‘What perfume are you wearing?! Not to be creepy but I’ve just been sitting here breathing you in, you smell so good!’“



-For use on most fabric: clothing, closets, linens, pillows, curtains, rugs, etc.

-Natural oils. Does contain alcohol.

-Shake and spray

-Glass bottle