"Letting Go" Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print

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Named from its origin story: Kayla worked on this piece for a month and didn't like the outcome. It sat in storage for a few months, until she was cleaning her studio and found it. She went to throw it away, and realized she had used an expensive Belgian linen canvas that she had splurged on. She decided to give one more shot at saving it, and haphazardly used the under layers (the mistakes) to make way for the top layers by leaving "the mistakes" showing through. She quickly painted her last effort by letting go of perfection, and within only an hour, she had created one of her favorite paintings of all time. The story is one she loves to tell in class: past failures are stepping stones to greater futures, but only when you let them be.

Fine art giclee print, specifically designed and chosen to best mirror the original oil painting.

Each print is made to order. As such, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery**.


Small: 10" x 12" image

Small with mat: 10" x 12" image, 10" x 12" window frame, mat outer dimensions of 12" x 16"

Medium: 16" x 20"

Medium with mat: 16" x 20" image, 16" x 20" window frame, mat outer dimensions of 20" x 24"

Large: 22" x 27"

Large with mat: 22" x 27" image, 22" x 27" window frame, mat outer dimensions of 24" x 30"


-Limited edition of only 50 prints.

-Signed and numbered by the artist, Kayla DeVito. Comes with a card of authenticity.

-Printed in the USA using the highest museum quality thick, archival, lightly textured fine art paper.

-To ensure no part of the painting is cut off, sizes will not be standard framing sizes, and will instead be sized upon the exact ratio of the original.

-The size choice is the print size. Each has an additional 1/2 inch border allowance for the perfect matting.

-Colors and exposure may vary from monitor to monitor. These prints have been tested and edited and reprinted numerous times each to get the exact coloring, from screen to physical item. Please know that each print will align as closely to the original painting as we could physically manage, no matter the difference in monitors.


To save time (and money), you can choose to have your print matted before delivery. Our mat windows are completely custom-sized for each print, and the outer frame dimensions are cut for a standard frame size. This means that you will not need to have your print professionally framed if you don't want to! You can absolutely do it yourself by purchasing any standard sized frame with the dimensions given. These frames are commercially available at most home goods stores, pre-made at frame shops and found readily available in numerous online shops.

We have chosen the matting color(s) that best compliment each print. Please see photos on this listing for your choice.


Mat Color Options:

•Devonshire (warm ivory)

•Cotswold Grey (warm grey)


**If you are buying a fine art print, in addition to another item(s)- non-fine art print- your order will ship together within 2-3 weeks. We would like to cut down on shipping fuel and costs as much as possible. If you would like your other item(s) to ship immediately, please checkout with a fine art print separately.