5 Simple Steps to Design A Cozy Home

I'm a big advocate for turning your home into a safe haven by surrounding yourself with only the items that evoke joy and remind you of memories long past. You should be able to waltz in and feel overwhelmingly inspired and at peace from the very moment you slip off your shoes and sink into yourself. Flaws in home design only have one true ally- lacking the presence of you and your family. 


Make a house into a cozy and envious home with these few steps:


1) Choose furniture with character.

I may be biased, but I think the best way to add tons of unique character to your space is with vintage or antique furniture. Many people tend to go overboard and add too many pieces with character; the problem is, your eye will be pulled too many directions and unable to focus on the overall design. Opt for one or two single larger items with distressing or texture and keep the rest at minimal with solid colors or larger prints versus smaller. One or two chippy furniture pieces in a single room will always trump a room doused in chippy painted things.


antique mirror chest trunk coffee table home design decor anthropologie oil painting

A bright coral trunk sits alongside a neutral leather couch and a mirror with a touch of gold.


2) Find your anchor(s).

Choose which few items you would like to be the weight to which your design is anchored. If you decide a bold teal couch, keep your tables minimal in color but add in interesting shapes anywhere you'd like. Should you choose a bold piece of artwork and a lovely painting as your staples, neutrals with small pops of color will always work best. Which leads us to step #3:


poem wallpaper framed zinc floating anthropologie old grace gathering co home decor

Wallpaper found underneath the sheetrock of my home has found a new place inside zinc floating frames. It reminds me of our renovations on our home together and how far we've come.


3) Tie in colors in tiny, minuscule ways.

First decide on your furniture and your anchors, then move on to the small details. If you have a painting on one wall with a bit of blue, choose a handful of smaller decor items with close to the same shade of blue. It can be tiny accents such as a ribbon around a vase, or a family photo where one or two people are wearing blue shirts- just find a way to tie them together. Many people feel they need to pick 2 or 3 main colors in a room and simply match everything together (the walls, the rugs, the picture frames, the coffee table) but a blank slate with small pops of many colors actually works best.


4) When in doubt, start with a blank slate.

I heavily advise against an all-white house. Not only is it impractical for most but it is also single-depth and has proven to resonate as uninviting. That being said, white walls are so versatile! Just make sure to add in your colors in some form or another. White walls will hold your hand over the years as you find your signature style, even if you go prancing down a winding, twisting path that you still question 15 years in the future.


5) Never ever forget the cherry on top of the beautifully sculpted banana split.

And that cherry is...*drumroll*... YOU! Douse your home in memories with family photos mixed into artwork, displaying the flowers your son picked for you or the seashells you found on a vacation together this past year. Put them in shadow boxes or shallow picture frames. Add in elements from a roadtrip to the mountains. Hang the key to your first home together. It doesn't matter! Just inject what makes you happy, and the design is sure to follow with ease.


blanket cozy fall artwork antique chair vintage rug chest trunk books old

An antique wooden chair hosts a cozy knitted blanket and an antique ship engraving with small pops of blue (found here).

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