DIY Gemstone Chandelier - For $20!

Many of you have asked about my most recent DIY project so I wanted to share how I crafted this super unique gemstone chandelier.


diy gemstone chandelier


A friend gave me this sweet little white chandelier years ago. It originally had pink and purple plastic beads, and baby pink shades to match. While the original style was too much for my personal taste, I knew I could eventually find a use for it.

It floated around in our garage until I realized we needed another light fixture in our new store, and off to work I went rehabbing this shabby chic little dude into a full-fledged modern-chic beauty.


diy gemstone crystal chandelier


I used beading wire and silver jewelry crimps to add varying gemstones in shades of blue. Dark blue and silvery blues mixed with bright abalone that shines green and blue. I used beads from my arsenal of supplies as a jewelry designer, but you can find a large assortment of beads at your local craft store. Hobby Lobby has a great selection and if you wait for the right week, you can score some for 50% off, or use a coupon on their app for any purchase.

I kept the chandelier bright white as a contrast against the dark beads. I then added an antique smokey blue crystal drop as a light catcher and to add some length to the overall shape.


diy chandelier crystal lighting fixture


The chandelier still looked small compared to my vaulted ceilings, so I knew I needed to take up more space with it but still add something that could allow light to pass freely without cutting into the area the light touched.

I found these old metal hanging plant baskets for $5 each, and totally on accident! As soon as I saw them, I knew they were what I needed. I originally planned to sand and paint them a dark blue, but I wanted the gemstones to be the focus, so I kept them in their original condition of rustic white and weathered.


diy gemstone crystal chandelier


The baskets were the perfect addition to make the chandelier appear larger, while still allowing light to pass through.

I strung the chandelier through the 'bottom' of one of the baskets and encased it inside with the other basket. I needed a way to attach them together, so while I decided on what to do next, I zip-tied them tightly together.



I decided to again use my jewelry-making skills and wire wrap the baskets together using 22 gauge silver wire. I didn't need the highest quality so I bought a roll for just under $2 in the jewelry making department at Walmart.

I knew I wanted to translate the intricate beading onto the outside of the fixture, so I decided to use a bright pop of matte turquoise gemstones in varying shapes to brighten the overall design.


diy gemstone chandelier crystal turquoise beads


Matt hung it up a few days ago and I'm in love! We added bright daylight bulbs to really cast a bluer light (I hate yellow lights!) so the colors stay true even at nighttime.

Here's a breakdown of my costs:
Chandelier - mine was free but you can score super cheap brass ones at thrift store for mere dollars. You can spray paint it so keep your eyes peeled for good bones and shapes.
Baskets - $10 for both
Siver wire - under $2 for the roll
Gemstones + beading wire - I already had them in stock but total I probably used about $7-$8 worth of stones. The strands are more expensive but you can use the leftover beads for other projects.

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